Education & Job Development Services

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, without education and employable skills, the world can be a difficult place. Those with good educational backgrounds and sought-after job skills, however, typically experience success, satisfaction, and fulfillment.
There is little more in life we can ask for than to be successful, content, and happy, and that is also why we offer education and job development services. Education and job skills are the foundation for a good career and life. At CSEA, we strive to empower those in the Southeast Asian community with those tools, skills, and resources.
CSEA Annual Achievement Report 2022

Education: The Foundation

The foundation of every thriving society is embodied by a good educational system. For those in the Southeast Asian community, barriers like cultural differences or language can make learning more difficult. At CSEA, we offer educational and language instruction services (e.g., English as a second language or ESL) to help promote the foundation for a successful life and career for those in the Southeast Asian community.
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CSEA: Job Training Programs

The ability to earn a living is also dependent on having employable skills and talents. From a free homemaker training program to learning how to find and apply for real jobs in and around Providence, CSEA job training program offers support, training, and job search resources to aid in your vocational success.
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CSEA: Programs That Work for the Southeast Asian Community

Welcome to the Center for Southeast Asians, serving those in Providence, RI, and the surrounding communities with education and job training services. We foster the knowledge and skills necessary to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.
We have worked to bridge the language, cultural, and socio-economic barriers between SEA refugees and immigrants and mainstream society through education and employment. From education to training and support with job placement, and more, the experienced and friendly team at the Center for Southeast Asians is here to help. Contact us to learn more or to support or join CSEA today.