• The mission of the Center for Southeast Asians
    (CSEA) is to promote the prosperity, heritage and leadership of Southeast Asians in Rhode Island.

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  • The Center for Southeast Asians
    provides family, social and educational services for the community

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Center for Southeast Asians (CSEA)

Welcome to the Center for Southeast Asians (CSEA). We are a non-profit organization with a few simple and transparent goals. Through our outreach and programs, we strive to protect and maintain the culture of Southeast Asians. With our support and guidance, we try to aid the Southeast Asian community in real and practical ways that benefit their well-being.
If you live in or around Providence, RI, then we invite you to stop by to learn more or to see how we can help today. At CSEA, we offer and provide a range of services, from financial and health to language and vocational, and more.

CSEA Annual Achievement Report 2023

Serving the Southeast Asian Community

A big part of living in any country, and especially one that isn’t your native country, is learning about the culture and daily living skills, like speaking the language. At the CSEA, we understand that overcoming basic barriers can be an important first step in getting established in your new home.
The ability to speak fluently will also impact other areas of your life, such as job and educational opportunities. The good news is that our experienced and friendly staff at the CSEA offer a variety of programs and services that can help, including:

  • Translator Services
  • Free Tax Preparation
  • Interpreting Services
  • Job Training
  • English Classes
  • Health Insurance Navigation
  • And more

Getting started in a new country and a new place is never easy, but we can help to make it easier. There are also many programs available that you can inquire about through our benefits enrollment services. This will help you to obtain any benefits assistance programs you might qualify for as a member of the Southeast Asian community.

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