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It is our goal to help as many people in the Southeast Asian community as we possibly can, and in particular, those who live in Providence, RI, and the surrounding communities. The Center for Southeast Asians is a non-profit organization, and that means we rely on you. It is through the kindness of giving and charity that CSEA can do as much as it does and has done.

If you want to learn more about getting involved, supporting CSEA and the Southeast Asian community, or donating, we would love to hear from you. Our services help people in many ways, from the basics like language, to the essentials like getting food, and more.


CSEA Annual Achievement Report 2022

Helping All of Us

It is no secret that for a community, town, or city to prosper, it means that many people also often prosper. By supporting the Southeast Asian community, you are doing more than supporting the people of Southeast Asia, but all of us. Businesses run by the Southeast Asian community, work performed by the Southeast Asian community, and contributions from those in the Southeast Asian community make the city of Providence and the State of Rhode Island a better place.

If you are considering donating to something more than a worthy cause, but that also benefits everyone, consider a donation to CSEA. At the CSEA we also rely on volunteers and interns to continue providing comprehensive services to the Southeast Asian community, in addition to the underserved and vulnerable populations of Rhode Island.

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Continuing to Support the Growth and Success of the Southeast Asian Community and Rhode Island

CSEA is dedicated to creating and fostering an environment and culture of diversity, understanding, and preservation. We also take great care to properly manage the donations we receive. All financial donations assist our organization in covering overhead costs and expanding our services.

Without the help of those donations and volunteers, however, we would not have the means to help as many people as we do in so many ways. That means we need your engagement and continued support to help the Southeast Asian community, the community of Providence, and the State of Rhode Island succeed.